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Adult Day Programs

Who we are

Willowglen Academy New Jersey provides two day programs for adults with developmental disabilities who live in our community-based group homes as well as for those adults living with under the care of other providers. Adult day programs offer varied work preparedness and experience provided by legitimate contracts from employers in the area.

Who we serve

The population served consists of adults living with mental illness and/or developmental disabilities from 18 years and older.

How we serve

We focus on the following areas within these programs:

  • Work enhancement skills,
  • Volunteer experiences, and
  • Supported employment opportunities

Work enhancement skills include the following choice of activities:

  • Practice in social appropriateness
  • Concentration on employment-related tasks

Clients with staff assistance may offer building and grounds maintenance. 

Past contract work has included opportunities like:

  • Shredding documents and
  • Rag packaging for sale at major home improvement stores



Volunteer Opportunities

  • Meals on Wheels

Supported employment has proven successful at a fast food restaurant and major grocery chain. 

Consumers learn to set up contracts or projects, complete assignments and clean up.  Throughout their participation in these varietal activities, tasks are punctuated by related activities such as practice with daily living skills, appropriate interaction with peers and break time activities such as walks. 

Transportation is provided to consumers in order for them to participate in the activities at our day programs and they are accompanied by skilled staff to provide therapeutic transition from home to work. 

The following services are included but not limited to within our Adult Day Programs:

  • Group Counseling
  • Individual Counseling
  • Family Counseling

Group Counseling:

Groups are held weekly in blocks of 30 to 60 minutes.  Many groups are time limited and issue specific. Cognitive Behavioral psycho-educational experiential approaches are used to address anger management, social skills development, understanding human sexuality, choosing healthy friendships, personal and interpersonal growth and the development of responsible lifestyles. 

Individual Counseling:

Individual sessions are conducted at least twice per week by the consumer's primary mental health clinician. The clinician is a Master's degree or better, Licensed Independent Practitioner (LIP) or under the direct clinical supervision of a LIP in the field(s) of Professional Counseling, Social Work, Marriage and Family Therapy, or School Psychology.  Resolution of past traumas, developing sound cognitive and behavioral coping abilities, rational problem solving, encouragement and support to complete treatment, family reunification and/or planning for the future are strongly  pursued during the individual sessions. 

Family Counseling:

Over the phone or face to face, the consumer's family/caregiver(s) are engaged in family empowerment with the clinician.  Building upon the strengths and the resources of the family culture, all significant-others are considered essential to the successful completion of treatment.  Whether family reunification is to occur or an alternative living arrangement is to be provided, the family/caregiver(s) are encouraged to develop parenting/support skills that provide the necessary structure, nurture, authority and role models for the consumer in treatment.  The long-term success of the treatment received is predicated on strengthening and empowerment of the primary caregiver system. 

Our goal

It is our goal to assist consumers that attend our day programs to complete work projects from start to finish.


Day programs are based in Sparta in North Jersey and Cherry Hill in South Jersey.

Hours of operation

Our vocational workshop/sheltered workshop operates from 9am to 3pm Monday through Friday.

Funding / Referral sources

Funding opportunities may come from the Division of Development Disabilities (DDD).  Other funding and referral opportunities may be available by contacting DDD.

Contact information

For more information including services, referrals, program and site tours, contact the following personnel:

Willowglen Academy-NJ, Inc. (Corporate Office North Jersey)

8 Wilson Drive

Sparta, NJ 07871

(973) 579-3700

Patrica Kane, Executive Director

Nicole Bolognini, Clinical Supervisor

Sidney Mabeya, Director of ATS Program


Willowglen Academy-NJ, Inc. (Corporate Office South Jersey)

501 King Avenue

Cherry Hill, NJ 08002

(856) 662-6966

Dione Keith, Associate Executive Director

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