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Willowglen Academy - NJ, Inc. is so happy to share a great success story about Molly.  Molly wrote a paragraph and sent it to Storyworks Magazine, Everglades Contest.  Molly chose this contest on her own and took initiative to begin the paragraph.  She enlisted help from the English teacher, Ms. Hermann, to complete the paragraph.  She has put her own time into the paragraph and has worked hard to meet the deadline of the contest. Molly didn't just enter the contest, SHE WON.  Enjoy reading her article below:

"There is a crisis in the Everglades; pythons are taking over the Everglades!  The python crisis in the Florida Everglades was caused by owners letting their snakes go in the wild.  Also, when Hurricane Andrew hit Florida pet stores were knocked down and the snakes were blown by the wind to the Everglades.

It became a problem because they are perilous.  Burmese Pythons are meant to stay indoors as pets in the United States, but some owners release their snakes into the wild.  The Burmese Pythons first came to the United States as pets and were sold in pet stores.  They are popular because people kept on buying them and thought they were beautiful.  However, python owners abandon the snakes because they grew so big.  They can grow up to twenty-five feet and are dangerous.  Not only are they treacherous but they are harming the Everglades ecosystem by eating other animals."


7th grade, Mrs. Campbell's Class

Willowglen Academy - NJ, Inc.

Molly received a letter from the Assistant Editor, Robbin Friedman, of Storyworks congratulating her on her well-structured paragraph and details that helped her win the contest. 

We are so proud of Molly and her efforts. 


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